On the 12 April 2017 Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality official launched logo within the Staff and the community at large. In welcoming the Speaker acknowledge the contribution of all the stakeholders, departments, family of Mgijima and all the forums involved in this process. It has been a long road that is why we are today, launching the logo as part of the new brand. It is another huge milestone in taking Enoch Mgijima Municipality forward as a competitive municipality in this province where we seek to accelerate and broaden our economic and social benefits. With those words you are all welcome to this historic and emotional event, He said.

Executive Mayor official launch the logo, she said it was a great pleasure and honour for  me to  celebrate  the  launch of  the  new  logo for our Municipality, with you which will inevitably set  this  Municipality and its community on the road to a  new,  brighter  and  prosperous future. The new logo that we are witnessing today is extremely important in the life of any entity because it assists the organization to assume a new and favorable identity. As the Municipality we aim to work together  with  our  people,  and ensure  that  our  actions are  not only  people-centered,  but  also people-driven, she said.

The Executive Mayor explained the meaning of the logo, vison and the mission of the Municipality. By presenting  ourselves  coherently and  consistently,  we  can  clearly articulate  who  we  are  and  what we  stand  for , we  stand-out and  stand  tall,  united  behind  an uplifting  visual  representation  of our  municipality.  This is an inspiration we need to create for a new vision of Enoch Mgijima Municipality, she said.

Chief Whip acknowledged the presence of Traditional leaders, councilors, political parties, all forums and government departments. She extended her word of gratitude to thank them to make this day a success. 

Story& pictures by: N. Mboto