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REVIVAL PROJECT OF BELLS ROAD IN KOMANI - Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality

The decaying Bells road in Komani is receiving attention. The road surface of is under construction in a rehabilitation project that began today. The 1.8 km long construction entails paving the road to improve the surface quality and improvement of stormwater drainage as well as repairs to damaged kerbs. The base of the road will be reworked, stabilised and compacted.

This project is structured to encourage community participation and skills development as over 20 local people that include youth and women have been recruited to work for the duration of the project through the Expanded Public Works Programme.

The project will be implement in phases, the first will cover the road from Griffiths street and cover a portion of Woodhouse Street up to the traffic lights of Bells Road. This will take four months. The second will cover the area from the Bells Road traffic lights through New Rest residence, and up to the point which joins Victoria Road.

The improved road will provide better prospects for residents, businesses and motorists. Enoch Mgijima Municipality will continue working on rehabilitating its roads and streets as clearly stated in its adopted IDP and Budget. This project was funded by CHDM and Enoch Mgijima are providing project management and provide expertise from its staff complement.