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- Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality


In the quest to beatify towns its towns, Enoch Mgijima kickstarted a road rehabilitation project in Komani where Green and Bert Strauss streets are up for resuscitation. The two streets, with a distance of 0,8 KM are getting the much needed facelift and rejuvenation. This project began in mid January and is set to be competed in March. While this is no a labor-intensive endeavour, 10 local labourers are participating in it.

The project cost a total of R2 million and is funded by Enoch Mgijima LM. To minimize costs, the Municipality used internal expertise instead of utilizing consultants. This undertaking will help encourage business activity and bring comfort to motorists. This is one of the three road rehabilitation projects in Komani: Bells road rehabilitation project is still progressing well while the Fikile Gwadana road patching project will be completed in March.

There are still a number of roads and streets that need to be upgraded, parched and rejuvenated and the Municipality will keep repairing as more funds become available.


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Enoch Mgijima LM