The Auditor General’s audit outcomes are out and Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality has attained a qualified audit report for the 2019/20 financial year. The report was tabled by a Senior Manager in the AG’s office in a virtual ordinary Council Meeting of 31 March 2021. This is an improvement from the Adverse opinion of 2018/19 and the disclaimers of the two previous years.

Commenting on the outcomes, the Executive Mayor of Enoch Mgijima Cllr Luleka Gubula said “While a qualified audit opinion does not mean the systems are running smoothly, we as Enoch Mgijima have noted the steady improvement over the year. Since the amalgamation of the three Municipal entities, we have been showing poor administration and now we note the strides made by our administration and the reported cooperation during the audit period. As the Council we will continue playing our oversight role and provide undivided support to the administration to ensure clean administration”.
The Municipality will now put focus on areas which need improvement and Audit Action Plan will be developed to rectify missteps of the previous financial year.