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Office of Executive Mayor - Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality

Office of the Executive Mayor

The functions, power and responsibilities of the Executive Mayor are assigned by legislation, in terms of section 56 of the Municipal Structures Act and Chapter 7 of the MFMA, as well by resolutions of Council passed from time to time to allocate specific responsibilities  to the Executive Mayor. Provided that the legislation permits sub-delegation, or Council has authorized the power to sub-delegate in respect of Council delegations of authority made to the Executive Mayor, the Executive Mayor may sub-delegate such functions to the Mayoral Committee members of Standing Committees;

A summary of the powers and functions of the Executive Mayor assigned in terms of Section 56 of the Municipal Systems Act, are as follows:

Identify the needs of the municipality and recommend to Council strategies, programmes and services  to address such needs;

  • identify and develop criteria for the evaluation of strategies, programmes and services implemented to address needs of the municipality;
  • evaluate progress against key performance indicators;
  • review the performance of the municipality in terms of its:
  • – economy, efficiency and effectiveness;
  • – Credit control and debt collection efficiency;
  • monitor the management of Administration;
  • oversee the sustainable provision of services to communities;
  • perform duties and exercises powers as delegated by Council;
  • reports annually on the involvement of communities and community organisations in the affairs of the municipality;
  • such reports must be presented at institutional political forum to ensure ownership of the reports by the Executive;
  • gives attention to the public views and report on the effect of consultation on the decisions of council.



  • 70 Cathcart Road, Queenstown
  • 045 807 2600
  • 045 807 2609